Vertical Assault Team Building

The vertical assault is a high ropes activity designed specifically for groups targetingTeam building vertical assault personal confidence and team work. After the initial safety briefing we start on the easier lower level activities such as the short climb and 100m zip, as the group build confidence in each other as well as the equipment the activities increase in difficultly and height. We tailor each session to the group so will choose a selection from the list below. We welcome group leaders to contact us or better still visit so we can organise the best for your group.      

climbing wallClimbing – With three climbing faces and a choice between the easy 3m wall to the 13m
 overhang all abilities will be challenged.
Jacobs ladder – A giants ladder, 10m tall and with rungs up to 1.8m apart, teams of three assist each other to reach the top. While other team mates control their safety ropes.
High all aboard – Another team climb, but to push people to the edge of their comfort zone this time on reaching the top of the 8m pole they link arms and lean back!
Zip wires – Linked straight onto the climbing tower we have a choice of zips up to 165m long.
Powerfan -The Powerfan is a freefall descent machine. An instructor will connect you to the safety wire, all you have to do is step, not jump off the 11m high platform. After the initial drop the powerfan will bring you to a gentle landing below.
Safety – To ensure your groups safety we have invested in the best available equipment including auto belays, and Petzl IDs for belaying and although these virtually eliminate human error your instructor will have completed our in house instructor training program. On top of this all our high rope activities are built and run to the EU standard. 


For your package price - Please call 01646 652000 or email